The top 5 endurance training techniques

Endurance training is all about how much you can take and how much energy you have in you to keep you going for as long as is necessary. A lot of people have been known to focus all their energy as well as training on cardio and cycling. This is good, but unfortunately, it is not good enough as you need a lot more training as well as better tips to help you get ready. You need the right kind of … [Read more...]

Things You Did Not Know About Ultra-Marathons

An ultra marathon is longer than your normal actual marathon which is just about 26.2 miles long. This one is longer and it has been found that in Britain, there is actually at last one event going on each weekend. The even better part about these races is the fact that they are done in really spectacular places that will just take your breath away. Anyway, there are a lot of things that you … [Read more...]

Overcoming My Fear of Distance Running

I have never been one to indulge myself in something that I did not enjoy at all and that is exactly what distance running did to me. I know I am supposed to be enjoying my running but this is actually not the kind that I imagined. I am preparing myself for this upcoming event that is supposed to involve a lot of distance running and I don’t want to look like the lazy person that I always am. I … [Read more...]