Overcoming My Fear of Distance Running

I have never been one to indulge myself in something that I did not enjoy at all and that is exactly what distance running did to me. I know I am supposed to be enjoying my running but this is actually not the kind that I imagined. I am preparing myself for this upcoming event that is supposed to involve a lot of distance running and I don’t want to look like the lazy person that I always am. I have been asking myself if I will be able to actually show up at the event and if I do, will I be able to run. So, I did some digging and here is what I came up with to boost my preparation for this.

It will hurt

I have told myself that for every single day of training and I believe that it is actually working. I need to accept the fact that this race will hurt me a bit but I won’t give up all in all. Distance running is not an easy affair and in the first two miles that I was running and my breath started to get heavy and my chest beat faster, this is when I pushed on.

Buy some decent trainers

The running shoes that I had been using had been with me for quite some time and I felt like it is about time that I let them go. It is not that they had any sentimental value to me but I have always been lazy when it comes to buying a pair of trainers as I had never needed them. I needed something that is not juts comfortable but it will also make my feet feel a lot better at the end of the race.

Watched some videos

There are so many videos online of how you can endure this distance running without actually losing your life as I was afraid at first. The videos have really helped me calm my nerves and most of them are from professional runners so it helps to take advice from someone you know has done this. There was even this video of a really old guy that was able to complete some long distance running. I felt really challenged and this is partly the reason that I kno0w I will succeed in this coming race.

Tag a friend along

I knew that this thing was not going to be easy alone. There are times that I should have been out training but I sat and watched a movie instead. This occurred to me that it was wrong and it will be my downfall. I recruited a friend to help me make sure that I do these exercises no matter what it takes. It has helped a lot too as he literally drags me out of the house so we can do those exercises.

Be easy on me

I realized that the first step to actually accomplishing this is to actually not push myself a lot and go a bit light on the training. I realized that I should be doing training that my body can take, not push myself to limits that would break me. This is also really helpful and I now can’t wait for this distance running.