The top 5 endurance training techniques

Endurance training is all about how much you can take and how much energy you have in you to keep you going for as long as is necessary. A lot of people have been known to focus all their energy as well as training on cardio and cycling. This is good, but unfortunately, it is not good enough as you need a lot more training as well as better tips to help you get ready. You need the right kind of exercises in order to be good. Therefore, below are some of the endurance training techniques that you can try out, and you will be amazed at the kind of results that they will yield.

Cardio and strength days should be done together

What this means is that the more muscle that you can actually accumulate working, the higher the chances are that it will challenge the whole of your cardiovascular system. So, what you need to do is not just do cardio only on your cardio days but include some strength training as well into this mix. You will find that your body can endure more when you combine these two into one.

Rest should be minimal

30 to 90 seconds is the normal recommended time for rest when you are in between sets, however, if you want to your body to endure more, you will have to push yourself. This means you will have to skip some resting periods and continue with the training as you want your body to be able to take a lot more. You should, at the end of your training be sweating and breathing heavily but you need not worry as this is proof that your body can take a lot more. So, take a minimal break if you have to, and this is basically when your body can not take it any longer.

High-intensity fast paced lifting

Your endurance activity is highly improved the moment that you take weights and especially when you are doing it very quickly. What this also dopes is improve your metabolism as a lot of people that do training that is endurance only are prone to slow down in their metabolism. But you won’t have to worry about this as this is the kind of training that you need to make this right.

Always go for compound over isolation movements

Moves that are compound like squats pull ups or and push ups will go a great way in ensuring that your endurance is greatly improved instead of moves that are done in isolation. Things like leg lifts or bicep curls will not be enough to stimulate your body for the endurance that it needs.

Be spontaneous in your training

Don’t be subjected to a workout that is too routinely, like if you have been used to cycling, try something else for a change. You can even run up the stairs if you have to. Just try not to be too predictable and try to go out of your way to try new workout techniques so your body can be able to endure more.