Things You Did Not Know About Ultra-Marathons

An ultra marathon is longer than your normal actual marathon which is just about 26.2 miles long. This one is longer and it has been found that in Britain, there is actually at last one event going on each weekend. The even better part about these races is the fact that they are done in really spectacular places that will just take your breath away. Anyway, there are a lot of things that you probably didn’t know about these amazing races. If you are thinking of going for one or already been in one, here are some things that you might need to know the next time that you are there.

Better as well as Easier than normal marathons

What normally happens is that you are running on very soft terrain that is unlike the flat, brutal terrain that you will go through when dealing with the normal marathon. So, even if it is 30 or 40 miles, you are sure that your body won’t be battered in any way and your joints will still be intact at the end of it. A terrain that is varied is good for you because it will actually give your all your muscles an all-around workout. The mental perspective of this is also very refreshing as studies have shown when you train in nature, you are bound to feel a lot better than you did before going into that marathon.

Running really slowly is okay

When it comes to ultra marathons, the key to actually succeeding in finishing the whole race is to take your time. Do not be in a hurry so that you can finally collapse because of exhaustion. What most people do is just relax, get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, others socialize while some even eat a lot of cake.

You can walk if you want to

This is one of those things that you probably did not know about but you can actually do it. Especially when you are going up hill, you can walk in order to relax your leg muscles. Remember that there is no crowd that will give you a hard time for walking. Also, if you have been running for a few hours, it is advisable that you relax and begin walking.

No need to do hard training

What you need to know is that you don’t have to exhaust yourself a lot in order to run an ultra-marathon. You also need to know that you don’t have to push your body to the limit for this. You just need top do some light running like 30-35 miles in a week as preparation for this.

It is mostly mental

A lot of people will tell you that completing this race is basically your mind’s work. The size of your muscles or how much training you went through in preparation of this will not help you as your mind would. So, be determined and don’t give up, crawl if you have to the finish line as many runners have done when they are faced with these kind of challenges.